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Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun. Mosquito Squad is ready to serve you! Contact us today by filling out the brief form below and we’ll be in touch soon.

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Mosquito Squad

You may not have considered that mosquito season & wedding season are the same time of year. And there's no need to worry now - a Special Event Treatment from The Squad will ensure mosquitoes don't attend your outdoor wedding! ... See MoreSee Less

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2 weeks ago

Mosquito Squad

Let's talk ticks. We've partnered with Thermacell to bring you this list of 10 states most affected by TICKS!

Click the link below for more information and to see the Top 10 Mosquito Cities:
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Alert The Squad!

Don't let pesky mosquitoes ruin your outdoor fun. Mosquito Squad is ready to serve you! Contact us today by filling out the brief form below and we’ll be in touch soon.


Wave goodbye to mosquitoes, ticks, and other outdoor pests when you sign up for a Mosquito Squad Barrier Treatment. One professional grade treatment will protect your family for up to 21 Days.

We back each treatment with our no hassle, money back guarantee.


Our mosquito control solution eliminates adult mosquitoes, ticks, and outdoor pests on contact. Then, as new mosquitoes attempt to invade your property, they will be either eliminated, or repelled. Effective at controlling other winged pests, our barrier treatment controls fleas, flies, wasps, midges, and gnats.


We can custom tailor a package to work around unique schedules and needs.

Experience our No Hassle, Professional Service

Treatments are scheduled for regular intervals. A licensed applicator will treat your property every 14-21 days. An average yard takes approximately 15-20 minutes to apply treatment. After completing a mosquito treatment application, your property will dry in 30 minutes, and your family and pets can return to the yard. We don't require customers to be home for treatments, and we’ll leave a notice of completed treatment. And our technicians are always more than happy to walk the property with you and answer any questions you might have.

Our multi-step mosquito control process includes a full property inspection, treatment or removal of breeding locations, and a full barrier treatment application.


Ticks can be a major health concern, as they can carry deadly diseases such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever. In the recent years, the spread of Lyme disease has also added to the dangers of tick borne disease. Our barrier treatments eliminate mature ticks on contact; however let a Mosquito Squad representative know if any of the following apply to your family or property so we can offer additional tick prevention services for higher risk areas:

  • Your children enjoy playing in or near fields, trees, or tall grass.
  • Your yard has a wall or fence.
  • You or someone in the family are frequent gardeners.
  • You have a lot of trees, shrubbery, or dense ground cover plantings on your property.
  • You have a brush, wood, leaf litter, or a compost pile on or near your yard.
  • You have pets that love the outdoors.


Mosquito Squad adheres to all local, state, and federal pest control laws and procedures. Our mosquito control techniques have been approved by the United States EPA and we offer a variety of formulations for unique circumstances. The active ingredient common to all of our barrier treatments is a synthesized version of the chrysanthemum flower. An ingredient found in many household products, including solutions used to treat scabies, and lice.

Our barrier treatments also utilize an innovative time-released formulation that offers outstanding protection for 21 days. This unique agent allows us to introduce fewer pesticides into the environment while maintaining superior control of the targeted pests.