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Mosquito Squad

Saturday is #NationalTakeAHikeDay! ⛰

Tell us about the BEST HIKE you've ever taken! Photos are welcome. 📷

We love protecting families from mosquitoes and ticks in their own backyards, but it's very important to take precautions when you're out trailblazing the wilderness, too. Here are a few tips 👇Saturday is #NationalTakeAHikeDay! ⛰

Tell us about the BEST HIKE you've ever taken! Photos are welcome. 📷

We love protecting families from mosquitoes and ticks in their own backyards, but it's very important to take precautions when you're out trailblazing the wilderness, too. Here are a few tips 👇

Don’t leave home without it. Whether you’re camping, hiking or even just taking a walk in the park, a few sprays of this on your skin and clothing will help you enjoy your outdoor adventure without having to be on swat alert.

While tea tree oil can be healthy and healing for humans, it’s actually quite toxic to many insects. Put some on your skin before heading outside to reduce the risk of getting bit. If a mosquito manages to slip through, applying tea tree oil to the affected area will provide immediate relief.

3. SOCKS 🧦
Hiking is one of summer’s most popular activities and while it provides us with gorgeous sceneries and breathtaking views, it also increases our exposure to mosquitoes and ticks. So before you embark on your next rugged adventure, throw long socks on and tuck in the bottom of your pants to seal the entryway for any pests.

4. HAT 🧢
There’s nothing worse than getting a bug stuck in your hair, especially when it’s a mosquito with its own agenda. We’ve all been that person at least once in our lives who feels or hears a bug fly in, then proceeds to flail our bodies around until it’s out. Do yourself a favor and sport a hat to avoid a potential public catastrophe.

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Mosquito Squad

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Mosquito Squad To Give Away 100 Seasonal Treatment Packages To Help Families Fight The Bite


RICHMOND, Va.April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Mosquito Squad, the largest and most trusted mosquito and tick control franchise in North America, is kicking off its Protect Your Squad campaign today to bring awareness to the importance of mosquito protection and educate consumers on how they can keep themselves and their families protected. For the second year in a row, the brand is also hosting its #ProtectMySquad contest, but instead of just one winner, Mosquito Squad is upping the ante and giving away 100 free seasonal mosquito control packages.

“During the spring and summer months, it’s hard to go outside without noticing a constant swarm of mosquitoes and with over 150 species in the U.S., these insects can be quite a nuisance,” said Amy Lawhorne, vice president of Mosquito Squad. “Our desire to protect consumers and their families from mosquitoes and the possible diseases they carry is the reason we launched the Protect Your Squad campaign last year. It gives us a platform to educate them on the importance of mosquito prevention and we’ve already seen an impact. Last year, we saw a 14.7% increase in treatments and we are confident this awareness will heighten as we continue to push our message forward.”

To further fuel conversation and momentum around the importance of mosquito protection, Mosquito Squad will be running its #ProtectMySquad social media contest for a chance to win a full season of America’s #1 mosquito elimination solution – the original Mosquito Squad Protective Barrier Treatment. One lucky participant was named winner of last year’s contest but this year, Mosquito Squad is taking the contest to the next level and will be giving away free seasonal mosquito control packages to 100 winners across the country. To enter, participants must post a photo or video of a squad they want to protect to FacebookTwitterInstagram or the contest landing page using the hashtag #protectmysquad, tagging Mosquito Squad on the respective platform and sharing their zip code.

The contest is open for entries beginning today, April 16, through Friday, May 18. Once entries close, Mosquito Squad will select winners at random and announce them on social media on Friday, May 25.

“We look forward to engaging with consumers again this year and helping them make their spring and summer as enjoyable as possible,” added Lawhorne.

Founded in 2005 and proud sponsor of Malaria No More, Mosquito Squad specializes in eliminating mosquitoes and ticks from outdoor living spaces so that homeowners can enjoy their yards, and outdoor living and dining spaces. Since Mosquito Squad’s partnership with Malaria No More, a nonprofit global health organization with the goal of ending malaria deaths in Africa, they have raised more than $400,000 to help fuel the fight against malaria.

For additional #protectmysquad contest details, full terms and conditions and to keep up with entries, visit

More information on Mosquito Squad is available at Follow Mosquito Squad on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for the latest news and trends.

For every barrier treatment purchased, we donate $1.00 to Malaria No More.
Mosquito control is now a reality thanks to Mosquito Squad, the mosquito exterminator. Our affordable, effective and convenient mosquito control solutions offer something for everyone.

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