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Mosquito Identification and Disease Control

The highly-trained professionals at Mosquito Squad of Huntsville understand that the area’s mosquitoes are more than just irritating. The various species in our area carry several serious diseases from which your family needs protection.


Mosquito Squad of Huntsville is aware of several specific mosquito-spread diseases from which residents are seeking protection for themselves, their pets and their livestock. They include the Zika virus, new to the U.S.. and associated with severe birth defects, as well as fever and rash in adults. Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) is especially dangerous to infants and senior citizens. West Nile encephalitis can be fatal to humans, pets and wildlife, and can also worsen serious conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Yellow fever and malaria are still known to be problematic in climates such as Alabama’s. Both can cause severe flu-like illnesses in the short term, with the further possibility of severe complications such as organ failure.


Although there are about 60 different mosquito species in Alabama, a handful are of particular concern in Huntsville and throughout the state. They include:

• Japanese encephalitis mosquitoes can be identified through their dark and light stripes running the length their bodies. They overwinter in egg form, and are most likely to bite during the day. These mosquito pests are known carriers of the EEE and West Nile viruses.

• Asian tiger mosquitoes have black and white stripes running horizontally across their bodies and legs. This aggressive mosquito species can fly great distances and overwinter in egg form. It is active mostly during the day, and is a known carrier of Zika virus, West Nile and EEE.

• Southern house mosquitoes are brown, with an “M” marking on their underside. Most active in early mornings and early evenings, this species is a danger for West Nile in the Huntsville area.

• Yellow fever mosquitoes resembles the Asian tiger species, but is usually smaller. It can transmit both the yellow fever and Zika viruses. Although the Asian tiger species appears to be taking over its territories, controlling yellow fever mosquitoes is still considered a priority.

Prevention is Protection

Given the variety of disease-carrying mosquitoes throughout greater Huntsville, it’s important for residents to use broad-spectrum prevention treatments for various species. Our professional team scours your property for typical mating and feeding habitats, and treats it with your choice of options, including our 21-day barrier control treatment and automatic misting systems.

For more information on the services we offer and to receive a free consultation, call us today at 256-203-0224.