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Malaria No More + Mosquito Squad


As mosquito control experts, we recognize that mosquitoes are not only an annoyance but carry many potentially deadly diseases. The most prevalent of these diseases being malaria. Despite the fact that malaria was practically eradicated in the United States more than 50 years ago, over 250 million citizens of African nations contract malaria each year, and over 2,000 children alone die from malaria every day.

A few years ago, Mosquito Squad forged a relationship with Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization with the lofty, but extremely admirable goal of ending all malaria deaths in Africa. While we fight the bite for our local client’s here in the United States, it is more based around the nuisance of mosquitoes rather than the life threatening dangers (though they certainly still exist, even more so with ticks).

We know that just $1 can save a life – that’s why we donate $1 for every treatment we perform.

Over the last three years, Mosquito Squad’s efforts have saved nearly 100,000 lives. In January 2014, Mosquito Squad launched what we like to call Dread’s Challenge: a three-year initiative to save an additional 250,000 lives.

Please help contribute to this great cause by donating at Again, every $1 contribution funds the delivery and administration of a malaria test and the ACT treatment needed to successfully treat the disease and save a life.

Mosquito Squad: Saving lives — 250,000 of them!