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Mosquito Squad

Would you prefer muggy or buggy weather? 😄Would you prefer muggy or buggy weather? 😄
Check out the National Pest Management Association's Bug Barometer for this Fall/Winter!
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Mosquito Squad

Did you know pregnant women and children under the age of 5 are most vulnerable to malaria? Watch to see how Ruth is using her story to help other Cameroonians.

Learn about our partnership with Malaria No More at SwatMalaria.netIf you would like to support Ruth and women like her fighting malaria around the world, go to Malaria...
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Mosquito Squad

You can support Malaria No More this holiday season by purchasing Conscious Step socks!As we launch full-force into the holiday season, we hope you’ll remember Malaria No More in your giving. One awesome way to support our mission is through Conscious Step socks. You can gift one of these NEW designs to loved ones this season—all while helping to provide lifesaving tools to end malaria! #BlackFriday ... See MoreSee Less

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eliminate all the mosquitoes and ticks on my premises?

While there is no service that can eliminate mosquitoes and ticks 100%, our service can reduce the presence of these bugs on your property up to 95%. If you aren’t completely satisfied, Mosquito Squad of Huntsville will come back and re-treat you premise for free. If you still do not see a difference in the amount of mosquitoes and ticks on your premise after 6 weeks, we will give you a full refund.

What is the process Mosquito Squad uses to control mosquitoes?

Mosquito Squad of Huntsville utilizes an integrated management program that involves dealing with existing and future larvae. The technicians will come onto your property and treat any standing water or other mosquito breeding grounds with larvicide. Next, the technicians will use a barrier treatment to reduce any adult mosquitoes on the premise and to also build a barrier to protect against other mosquitoes in the area after treatment. For full season protection we recommend a technician to come back and treat your property every 21 days.

How do technicians from Mosquito Squad of Huntsville control ticks?

Mosquito Squad uses the same barrier treatment for prevention, and to treat for adult mosquitoes - to control the adult tick population on you property. Our technicians will also use tick tubes for further tick control on your property. The tick tubes are used to eliminate ticks that are in the nymphal stage and in the spring and summer seasons are placed around the yard to effectively manage the tick population.

What does Mosquito Squad treat?

Technicians are trained to look for areas where mosquitoes and tick breed, rest or feed. Mosquito Squad trains technicians to treat surfaces like trees, bushes, flowerbeds and grass, as well as, under fences, decks and the foundation of your house.

Does Mosquito Squad of Huntsville Offer Free Consultations?

Yes. Our experts will provide you with information and an a estimate at no charge. To learn more about the services we offer and how you can get mosquito control for your property all season long, call us at 256-203-0224 today.